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Gerald Edmundson has wide experience with "street performing" and street theater. He knows how to gather a crowd and entertain them! He strolls at festivals, street fairs, company picnics & other outdoor events and entertains with magic, sleight of hand and music. There is always an abundance of audience participation, interaction and laughs for the whole family. Gerald is completely self-contained and mobile, so setup is hassle-free.

For "set position" performances, sound equipment is provided by the performer. (Battery-operated if no power is available)

*Strolling Entertainment

Only a street corner needed!
Mobile battery- operated sound system provided Your setup is hassle-free.

*Platform Performances
Perfect entertainment for your children's area! Sound & lighting provided if required.
*Family entertainment
Family -oriented entertainment.
No suggestive or ethnic humor. . . ever

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The Side Street Circus
In 1981, Gerald formed an ensemble of multitalented entertainers skilled in music, magic, juggling, mime and a variety of other arts. Although Gerald is a busy solo performer, his ensemble has performed over 3000 engagements since its beginning. They are currently one of the most popular groups at festivals and street fairs. The Side Street Circus offers strolling entertainment and terrific platform and stage shows.
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