A Practice Guide for Magicians by Gerald Edmundson

“As fine an exposition of this kind of material as I have ever read . . .”
Mike Close, MAGIC Magazine - March 2005
“Fifty years from now this might be right on that shelf
next to 'Magic and Showmanship'.”

David Goodsell, MUM Magazine - May 2005
“It will turn you into a better magician.”
David Regal, GENII Magazine – April 2005

What can we do to make our performances everything they can be? The answer is easy! We can practice creatively, systematically, intelligently and apply the well-known ancient axioms. But that is easier said than done. The Ostrich Factor book explains how to approach these challenges in practice, rehearsal and performance. This book can help anyone who wants to use their time efficiently, practice creatively, rehearse intelligently and pursue that persistent illusive goal: perfection.

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