The Ostrich Factor
Reviews & Comments

Quotes from reviews in magic magazines:
"An enormous amount of information is offered, but because Mr. Edmundson’s presentation is so well organized, the reader is never overwhelmed. As fine an exposition of this kind of material as I have ever read . . . it is a marvelous resource for anyone who is serious about improving his magic. If your intent is to perform magic rather than just play with tricks, this book should be in your library. . . At $35 dollars, THE OSTRICH FACTOR is a real bargain. Buy it. Period."
Mike Close, MAGIC Magazine - March 2005.
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“This book is a soup-to-nuts checklist of elements to be weighed when performing and practicing to perform. . . . the author has organized this information in a readable, efficient manner. By considering the advice and guidelines here, and by practicing in a structured manner such as the one described, one’s performance cannot help but be strengthened. . . . It will turn you into a better magician.”
David Regal, GENII Magazine – April 2005

“One cannot write such a book without considerable experience under the belt. Edmundson has that and has been an acclaimed working professional magician for well over 30 years. . . Edmundson shares a wealth of information in a well-crafted text. He is a good writer. . . Fifty years from now this might be right on that shelf next to 'Magic and Showmanship'.”
David Goodsell, MUM Magazine - May 2005

"Whether you do close-up for friends and family or present a full-evening illusion show, you need this book. Highly recommended.”
Fred Rosenbaum, THE LINKING RING Magazine - July 2005

"I'm going to cut right to the chase here: if you're not following the advice, the systematic approach, to learning your magic as Gerald Edmundson outlines in his incredible "The Ostrich Factor", you're doing it wrong and you're just going to have to start over. . .”
R. Shane, ON-LINE VISIONS (online magazine) - August 2006
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(Quotes from magazines are reprinted with permission)

Comments from individuals (from forums and emails):
“. . . (The Ostrich Factor) reinforces the presentational and communication aspects of performing magic. It serves to remind magicians of the need to create from their own point of view and experiences with imagination. I thoroughly enjoyed it, agreed with it, thought about the work and experience that had gone into it, and immediately listed it in the bibliography that I hand out at workshops as one of the 'must read' books.”
Bob Fitch, USA

“Gerald's insight into how to learn a trick or a routine is truly wonderful . . .
I've seen Gerald work, so I know the results of applying this system. . . I wish I'd had this book when I first started. . . I recommend it very highly.”
Bill Palmer, USA

“Get the book, run through the steps with your pet routine. It will go quickly since you are already familiar with where you are headed. You may be surprised to find spots you've overlooked or not thought through thoroughly. . . He (Gerald) tells you how to systematically work through those spots and integrate the results with your routine. It could save you a lot of trial and error in the process. . . If you want to improve your magic get Gerald's book, try his techniques, and see the results.”
Dan Butler, USA

"Gerald is a full time professional magician. And a very good one. His book, THE OSTRICH FACTOR is a unique publication in the field of magic. The book definitely influenced me and the way I think about practicing magic. I can tell you I have a copy in my collection, right next to my copy of SHOWMANSHIP FOR MAGICIANS and THE TRICK BRAIN.”
Lonnie Chevrie, USA

“This is a gem. At first glance, I know I didn't regret buying it. This book will be worth much more than many of your magic tricks books that you have on your shelf. . . . I received the book in less than one week all the way from Texas to Singapore!”
David Tong, Singapore

"I arrived home from work at about 7:30pm and the post was there, I opened it, started reading, couldn't put it down, finally finished at 11:30pm. Anyone who is serious about improving their practice, rehearsal and ultimately their performance should read and apply this stuff. Great book - Great price!”
Lawrence Simmons, United Kingdom

"With your 80 page booklet, I would just like to say, that you, yes you, have finally made all of the great works in the past make sense to me. Make sense in a way to APPLY it to me. Many of the great books of the past answer the What and Why of things. You gave me the missing link that I have been searching for: the how.”
Mike Delbert, USA

“I bought this book because I wanted to know how to practice more effectively. What I got was so much more. . . shows how to practice, but also how to perform. . .how to create . . . and perform every aspect of a routine. This book was an excellent investment, and one I'll use every time I begin work on a new effect.”
Gene Plampin, USA

(Quotes from individuals are printed with permission.)