Gerald Edmundson's Festival Magic


Gerald Edmundson has wide experience
with "street performing" and street theater.
He knows how to gather a crowd
and entertain them! He strolls at festivals, street fairs, company picnics & other outdoor events. Gerald entertains with magic, sleight of hand and music. There is always an abundance of audience participation, interaction and laughs for the whole family.

*Strolling Entertainment

Only a street corner needed!
Mobile battery- operated sound system provided Your setup is hassle-free.

*Platform Performances
Perfect entertainment for your children's area! Sound & lighting provided if required.
*Family entertainment
Family -oriented entertainment.
No suggestive or ethnic humor. . . ever

Gerald is completely self-contained and mobile, so setup is hassle-free. For "set position" performances, sound equipment is provided by the performer. (Battery-operated if no power is available)

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